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Getting the Funding You Need to Grow Your USA Business

Our aim is to help you get the capital and credit needed to realize your dreams for your business and, by extension, your life.

Here's How We Can Help...

We have access to hundreds of capital providers who offer a wide range of business funding solutions. This allows us to help USA-based businesses from almost all industries at whatever stage of growth they are in right now - from startups to more established companies - provided they meet the underwriting requirements of our funding / lending sources.

Our funding networks consists of well-chosen and vetted alternative funding sources who provide business capital to all types of businesses including micro businesses, small-to-medium businesses (SMBs), and small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs).

Funding products are either secured (requiring some type of business collateral) or unsecured (based on business revenue and/or credit of the business or the owner/s). See below for the specific types of business funding products we can help with.

Then, scroll down to complete and submit the form below. Your answers will help us connect you to the network best suited to your specific circumstances. You will then be redirected to the appropriate application page to fill out and submit your funding application.

UNSECURED Business Funding Products include:

  • Business Cash Advance from $50K - $20M

  • Business Term Loans from $50K - $10M

  • Business Credit Cards from $25K - $150K

  • Business Lines of Credit from $25K - $750K

  • Consolidation Loans from $50K - $750K

  • Working Capital Loans from $50K - $750K

  • SBA Loans from $50K - $5M

SECURED Business Funding Products include:

  • Commercial Real Estate Financing up to $150M

  • Equipment Financing / Leasing from $50K - $5M

  • Account Receivable (AR) Financing from $50K - $20M

  • Purchase Order (PO) Financing from $100K - $20M

  • Inventory Financing from $50K - $500K

  • Book of Business Financing from $25K - $50M

  • 401k or IRA Financing from $50K - $1M

  • Securities-Based Financing from $50K and up

  • Business Acquisition Financing from $250K to $20M

  • SBA Loans from $50K - $5M

We also have access to Additional Lending Sources including private investors who can assist with other types of financing and related services.

Additional Funding and Cash Flow Solutions include:

  • Business Acquisition Financing

  • Consumer Financing

  • Equity Financing

  • Venture Capital

Let's Get Your Business Funded

Please complete the form below for us to determine which network is best suited to meet your needs.


For a lender to approve your loan application, they must see how they can get their money back from you - either by your ability to repay or by some form of collateral that they can seize if you stop making repayments.

There are 4 Pillars of Financing that lenders use to make decisions about whether or not you qualify for a specific loan or funding program:

1) Credibility - Is the business real, properly registered and/or licensed, have a business bank account, etc.?

2) Cash Flow - What's the monthly cash flow and expenses of the business? How well is the business finances being handled?

3) Credit - What's the strength of the business credit and/or the personal credit of the owners?

4) Collateral - What assets (if any) can be used to secure the loan?

All businesses must past the Credibility criteria before a lender will even consider what type of loan, how much and for what purpose you need the funding.

Different funding products have different requirements for Cash Flow, Credit and Collateral - the 3 C's. Some need just one of these C's to be good, while others require two or even all three C's to be good.

Now, if none of these are good - if you have low/no cash flow AND poor credit AND no collateral - then you are NOT going to be able to get regular business loans from any lender. In this case, you will need to look at other ways to raise funds for your business.

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